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Advanced Display Advertising Tutorials

Doubleclick for Publishers (DFP) Display Advertising Tutorials (DFP) is a comprehensive hosted ad serving platform that streamlines your ad management, whether you deliver ads to websites, mobile webpages, mobile apps, games, or a combination. We offer a complete course for Beginners on DFP.

1.Doubleclick for Publishers (DFP) overview:
a.    Introduction to DFP Ad server as Ad management Platform
b.    Comparison between DFP and other ad servers
c.    How DFP Works…?
d.    Reasons to choose DFP for your business and career

2.Introduction to Advertising Chain:
a.    Advertisers
b.    Publishers
c.    Ad Network
d.    Ad exchange
e.    Ad server & It’s importance
f.     Product  in this Advertising Chain

3. Metrics :
a.    Metrics for Measuring Online Display Advertising

4. Inventory overview:
a.    Ad Unit
b.    Hierarchy of Ad Unit
c.    Placement
d.    Ad Tag
e.    Generating Ad tag
f.     Process of linking DFP network with Website

5. Delivery :
a.    Hierarchy followed for Trafficking IO
b.    Advertisers
c.    Order
d.    Lineitem
e.    Creatives

a.    Role of Line item in Ad delivery
b.    Line item Settings
c.    Flight dates
d.    Inventory sizes
e.    Labels
f.     Delivery settings
g.   Display Creatives
h.    Creative Rotation
i.     Bid & Budget
j.     Frequency

7.Lineitem Settings:
Types of Line Items based on Priority
Premium & Remnant Inventory
Percentage and Absolute Goal
a.    Sponsorship
b.    Standard
c.    Network
d.    Bulk
e.    Price Priority
f.     House

8. Targeting criteria:
a.    Inventory targeting
b.    Custom targeting
c.    Geographical Targeting
d.    Device targeting
e.    Browsing

9. Reporting Module :
a.    Understanding different types of reports available
b.    Ad server Reporting metrics

10. Forecasting:
a.    Check available inventory
b.    Forecast Display
c.    Export Forecast details

11. Troubleshooting :
a.    Google Publisher Tag
b.    Google Console

13. Basics  “APPNEXUS”  Adserver


    Materials are Provided
    Google groups for Knowledge Sharing
    Daily Tasks
    Mock Interviews
    Placement Assistance
    After the completion of course you can add to your profile as one year experience on DFP
    Advantage for the Candidates who are from Digital Marketing background
    For candidates who are from new to Digital Marketing Extra Classes are taken


·        Any Graduate is eligible for this Course
·        Candidates who has knowledge on Doubleclick for Publishers (DFP) - Adservers has great demand in the Digital Marketing Field
·        Once you learn this Adsever (DFP) you can able to Adopt any type Adserver

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